Monday, May 2, 2011

XVI- The Magic of Mantra's

All that is comes from the mind; 
It is based on the mind, it is fashioned by the mind"

- The Pali Canon
( A Buddhist Scripture  )

Mantra's are an important
aspect of Buddhism
I remember  my father's Guru saying that mantras have real power behind them. To get any specific result, there are specific mantras for which the pronunciation has to be proper along with a focused mind and intent. Infact, he was adept at Atharva veda, the ancient science of magic and charms, having learnt it from the Himlayan masters. He had even written a book on Atharveda. 

After he passed away, I forgot about his book and his words regarding the power of  mantra's. Moreover, I did not believe that few innocuous  words alone can change an outcome. It did not fit into any science or any logic that I had been made aware of.

Sound creates patterns like above
in water. The new Science
has been named as 'Cymatics'
That was until I  discovered a video on  entitled ' Making sound visible through cymatics. '. It showed that sound vibrations can make matter fall into various design patterns. Wow..this was something which was not expected by me.  My curiosity was aroused.

Wanting to know more, I searched youtube. I  came across a video titled Bringing Matter to life  wherein it was shown that sound vibrations can make matter reorganise into specific patterns mimicking life forms, galaxies etc. The video gave me a rude jolt. This could not be real...I reasoned. How can something as fine as sound vibration have the power to  create patterns mimicking life forms ??

Swami vivekananda
A spiritual Scientist
My question was answered pretty soon soon as I  got hold of another book by Swami Vivekananda.  In the book, Swami Vivekananda reasoned that ultimately, the greatest power is really in the fine and not the coarse. To explain this concept with an example,  I quote from his book..

"..when we see a man lift a heavy weight, we see his muscles swell and all over the body we see signs of exertion.  But it is the thin thread like things, the nerves that bring the power to the muscles. If we cut off these nerves..the muscles will not work at all. These tiny nerves bring the power from something finer still... thought... and so on and on"
As I thought about it, it began to make complete sense..a car  runs because of fuel transferred to the engine through a thin pipe.  Similarly, an electric motor spins because of electricity transferred to it through a thin wire. It quickly struck me that the world being a dream, everything actually comes from the fine and the unknown power of the mind. So it is actually no surprise that the everything which moves in this world ultimately moves from the power of the fine and the unseen. 
Researching further to understand why and how mantra's work, it became clear that the ancients understood that sound can make intentions manifest faster in this dream reality. In a sense, they used mantra's as a tool to unify thought patterns and bring it into alignment with the highest and the best desires.

Wow..It was a new perspective which I had gained..I  realised that all the power is  in the fine and the unseen..  and size alone does not matter...:)

check the video links above..its a must see..unbelievable!!!!
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