Thursday, April 29, 2010

VI- Science merges with Vedas

It was the year 2001. I was sitting in the office. It was a lazy day and I was basically passing time doing mundane work. Suddenly there was commotion in the reception area. Surprised, I went to check.

There were four sardar wearing big black ( or blue? ) turban and asking for donation. One of them saw me and said that " I need to show u something". I thought, what the heck, might be some entertainment... i invited him and one other person to my chamber.

He gave me a thread and asked me to break it up. I did. Then he asked me to basically roll all the thread pieces in one ball. i did and kept the ball inside my fist as instructed. He never touched the thread as he was sitting at some distance. Then he took a paper and wrote something down and kept it with him. He then asked me to think of a question and write it in my diary. I complied again.

He closed his eyes for a minute or so and i guess he meditated or said something. Then he just asked me to open my fist and check the thread.

I was shocked.!!!! All the thread pieces had joined again and there was no sign of any breakage.

Before I could recover completely from the shock, he asked me to read aloud what he had written on the paper. I did and I was again shocked. It was the same sentence that i had written in my diary.. but i had written it after he had did he know i was going to write the same sentence.??

They obviously had come for the money. Thankfully, i did not have much money with me and i gave them all i had just to get rid of them.

Yogi Vasistha teaching disciples.
For many years, i could not understand what happened. How was the person able to do what he did? I knew that I was not hypnotised as my reasoning and logical faculties were intact. But i continued to think how he had executed that trick.

Years later, I saw David Blaine on AXN. He did the same trick with the thread in front of the camera.

I never would have believed it possible had I not come across the grand daddy of the most mysterious scientific experiments of all time.

The experiment is called the Double Slit Experiment. A cartoon video explaining the experiment is here. A slightly more technical writeup of the experiment is here.

In short, the experiment, in a sense, proved that particles ( really small like atoms, electrons ) do not have any shape or even existence unless and until you look ( scientific lingo - measure ). This is called the uncertainty principle. Imagine u are driving a car on a lonely road with headlights on. Only the things which are visible to your five senses actually exist, rest all which u do not see.. does not exist. Infact, many prominent scientists suspect that reality exists not because of physical particles but because of the act of observing the universe. An amazing article titled ' Does the  Universe exist if we are not looking? ' on Discover Magazine can be found here.

After many days of pondering and researching over this counter intuitive conclusion, I came across an ancient text called the Yoga Vasistha which is probably the most important text in Vedas, and the history is that Rama, who is the incarnation of God, goes to the great seer to get instruction. And as is the custom in India, Rama touches the Rishi Vasistha's feet. And the seer says, "Hey stop it! You're God why are you doing this?" So Rama says, " I have forgotten. You have to remind me that I am God."

Vasistha then gives him the first lesson.- " You're not in the world, the world is in you. You're not in the body, the body is in you. You're not even in the mind, the mind is in you. As you curve back within your own consciousness ( mind ), you manifest ( create ) the mind, body, and the world.

The conclusions above confused me. I pondered over the implication of the above. Then one night, as if out of the blue, an inner voice spoke - " How can something exist in a dream without a dreamer dreaming it ?". YESSSS....THIS WAS IT... i thought. IT ALL MADE SENSE. I couldn't help but smile realising that both Science and vedas were referring to different sides of the same coin. ( Read the above article again and it will now make sense )

Everything is the mind ( dream ) and we all are collectively dreaming  this reality   as rightly explained  by the Vedas. Science had unravelled the mysterious Vedas.

Nothing is impossible in a dream..the power to change reality lies in faith.

From the movie The Matrix..inspired by the Vedas?
The Bible notes the saying of Jesus " Because you have so little faith, i tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ' move ' from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."

I never used to believe in the above saying thinking of it as some mumbo jumbo.. but now.. i had no doubt about it...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

V- We are Different Reflections of a Single Flame.

" THE NAME IS BOND.. JAMES BOND."  The unforgettable line in which James Bond delivers his introduction prepares the viewer  to expect a big disruption to the  set order of things. 

As a kid, i was always enamored with the style and flair of how James Bond easily gets the villain,  saves the world  and more  importantly... gets the girl...:) 

One day it finally happened. I was in Mcleodganj near Dharamshala in a restaurant called MC.LLO  having a drink  with a friend. Our wives were shopping. The place was frequented by many hollywood stars as Mcleodganj  is  the seat of the Dalai Lama. The table next to us was empty. Some time later, a foreign couple came and sat there. At first i did not pay much attention but as i heard the man speaking, i knew i had heard this voice before. I looked at the guy and realised that it was none other than Roger Moore. THE ROGER MOORE. The most famous and successful James Bond ever. I couldn't believe my luck!!!. I was seeing this iconic man in person. He had lost a lot of hair and was wearing  big glasses which made it difficult to recognise him. I leaned towards him and greeted him . He realised that he had been found, shook my hand and gestured me with the other hand to keep it to myself. I excitedly complied. My friend though could not contain his excitement. He   ordered beer, poured  it in four glasses and put two glasses on his table and gestured him for cheers. Roger Moore and I were a bit surprised at the sudden burst of enthusiasm of my friend but before we  could say anything.. his companion lady said "thank you". We all lifted our glasses and had a was a really memorable experience. It felt like a dream to finally meet James Bond in person. 

Then it happened... my wife woke me up!!!! .... Man.. it was really  a dream.... but it felt so real. The experience of that dream though lingered with me for a long time.. The excitement... the handshake...and the cheers... Everything was clear, distinct, and real.

Coming to Scientific world, i came  across a scientist named   Aspect.. Alain Aspect. He was the James Bond aka Disruptor of the Scientific world. In 1982, he showed the world that at the very very basic level, two atoms are inherently connected. Imagine, two coins, one on Earth,  and the other  on planet pluto... flipping one coin will instantly flip the other one without any delay at all  irrespective of the distances involved. In short, his experiment showed that Time and Space ( distances ) may be illusions after all. 

The discovery changed the course of the future for the scientific world...infact it was so incomprehensible, that it came to be known in the scientific circles as THE SPOOKY ACTION AT A DISTANCE. The latest research has only confirmed the spooky connection repeatedly.  

Some scientists and readers,  have arrived at the conclusions that our world  may just be a giant Hologram after all . The universe appears to be like a 3D film coming from some single source.

I was trying to make sense of all this and for quite sometime and I couldn't. I mean how can it be a projection or a hologram?

Then one day, while watching a James Bond movie, i remembered my dream of meeting James Bond. I realised that the entire dream that i had of meeting James bond was a projection of my mind in 3D. It was my mind which made James Bond, the restaurent and me... yet while the dream was progressing, i did not know that it was a dream or that  my mind was the creator of everything. Only when i woke up or  exited the dream , did i realise that all was a dream, a figment of my mind. 

I was surprised  at the simplicity of all this. I realised that there is no way of knowing whether this reality is a dream or not without exiting from this dream. Exiting from the dream meant being dead. uh-oh.. that was a path i was not keen to take... i searched for an answer again..

That evening, we had to go to Birla mandir..By chance, i stopped at the Buddha temple which was right next to the Birla Mandir.. I saw the murti and i got my answer. The Buddha murti was in a meditative pose with eyes closed. 

Somebody had said that meditation was being temporarily dead.. I had got my answer..:)


1.  Article on spooky action at a distance on The Telegraph
2. Interview of Michael Talbot, author, of the book called The Holographic Universe.
3. Interview by Deepak Chopra: Conciousness and the connection to the Universe