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XIV- Thoughts and the Plant kingdom.

"Ayam Atma Brahma"
 ( All this is the soul. The soul is Brahman (god) )         
                                                                                                        - Atharva Veda.

This Pipal tree has taken over a Temple
"Get that Pipal Tree removed from the terrace or else it will tear the building apart in time" mom told me in a stern voice as she knew the power of the pipal tree to wreck a building. I looked at the fragile plant which was growing out of a small hole in the terrace. It sure didn't seem to exhibit any power to defend itself much less have the power within itself to destroy a building. Yet given enough time and water, it can take down a building.

Design of water molecule after
it received good intention
Now this small pipal plant came from a seed. The more I thought about the power of the seed, the more amazed I became...i mean .. put a seed in the soil..nothing happens...but add the magic ingredient,.. water.. and the seed begins to express itself. Science was and still is at a loss to explain such a basic thing. To science, water is  just H2O, two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen, how can water alone spark life??

The first clue came from a Japanese scientist ( Dr. Masaru Emoto )  who found that water molecules somehow alters its structure in response to specific  intentions.  He freezed water after giving some samples good intentions and some samples bad intentions. Water with good intentions had beautiful designs whereas water with bad intentions were unorganised. It was  unbelievable.

Thornless variety of cactus
If water can be affected by our intentions, then surely plants, which have water in them should also be affected by our intentions. It just took sometime on google to figure out that this was the case. Plants do get affected by our intentions. In fact, the wizard of Horticulture, Luther Burbank created a thornless variety of a cactus by talking to the plant and transmitting his love to the plant. He used to say to the plant that you do not need the thorns to protect yourselves, I will protect you. Gradually the thornless variety of the cactus emerged over generations. He is credited with creating over 800 new varieties of  plants and 200  varieties of fruits, many vegetables, nuts and grains, and hundreds of ornamental flowers.

The above facts made immediate sense in the light of what has been said in the vedas and by other saints that the world is ultimately just another dream of the soul.  As everything is created by the mind, everything can be and is affected by the mind. Wow..this was undeniably true in the case of water and plants.

The mystery of water. ( Youtube video..must watch..all 9 parts )
Masaru Emoto- The man who discovered that water molecules changed according to intention. 
Plants get affected by our intention.
Experimental proof that plants have a mind and they are connected to us.
History of Luther Burbank..wikipedia.. 
Chapter on Luther Burbank..Autobiography of a Yogi. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

XIII- The Lost mode of Prayer

"  Pray to God and trust in him to provide your every need ".
                                                                                                          -   An old Hindu saying

" The power of prayer should not be under estimated"
                                                                                                -    Bible ( James 5: 16-18 )

" Whatever you ask for in prayer, 
believe that you have received it and it will be yours"

- Bible ( Mark 11:24 )

It was eerily quiet. I had just entered through the door and  into a staircase. The staircase was leading into the basement of the Apollo hospital's cancer department.  A friend was suspected of having the disease. As  I was about to enter into the waiting area, a huge notice on the notice board caught my eye...the title of the notice  said..  " PRAYER WORKS ".  The notice went on to state that as per the latest scientific study, prayer has healing power and the doctors have noted an appreciable improvement in the symptoms of cancer patients. 

Reading the article and that too being put by doctors, for the first time  made me inquisitive about the  power of prayer. Does prayer really have the power to cure and heal our bodies?  How does it work and why?

Doctors know that the sub conscious mind controls the body in  miraculous ways. If the patient expects improvement and has full belief in a medicine ( even if it is fake medicine ) the sub-conscious mind, through the brain, can produce actual substances \ pain killers to heal the body. They have scientifically called it The Placebo Effect.

Infact, it is now standard practice all over the world to test the effectiveness of new and experimental medicines against fake medicines. Neither the doctor nor the patient knows which is the actual or the fake medicines during the experimental trials. Only if the new medicines are more effective than the fake medicines, it is given permission to sell into the market.

Researching further , I came across a case of a miracle man  ( Morris Goodman ). He crashed his plane, and was paralyzed from neck down. He could not even breathe on his own. Doctors had given up on him. However he visualized walking out on his own by christmas. And  he did!!!..He summed up his life  beautifully - man becomes what he thinks about!.( check the video below ). I couldn't help but think that this was the placebo effect in overdrive!!

The case of the miracle man definitely proved that the conscious mind can tweak and nudge  the sub-conscious mind but the next question was whether the conscious mind can tweak and nudge the super-conscious mind .. the creator of the universe. ( the world being a previous posts )

Turns out.. it can. I came across  Gregg Braden.  In one of the videos,  he describes his meeting with a native american friend. It had not rained  in some area for a long time. On his request, his friend sat down and prayed for hardly two minutes. In the next 2-3 days, it rained very heavily in the area. Astonished, Gregg asked his friend what and how did he pray? His friend stated that he did not wish for rain as that would mean you are acknowledging that there is no rain. Instead, he visualized that he is standing in a mud puddle and puddle is deep and that his legs were all wet. He further stated that by praying, he was trying to feel how it feels like as if the rain has already happened.

Pleasantly surprised, I was trying to find the science and logic behind it. I soon realized that people whose meditations are deep and peaceful, are able to tweak and nudge the super-conscious mind with their visualization. Some realize it and others do not. Ofcourse, you have to have control of your mind first before you try to influence the super-conscious mind.

Infact, in one of the interviews,  Sachin Tendulkar ( a master batsman )  stated that whenever he goes out to bat, he visualizes that he has made a century and that people are giving him a standing ovation on his way back. ( it came in some newspaper..about 3-4 years back).

Praying  in a quiet and calm state
It began to dawn on me that maybe we have all been misled about what prayer actually is? Maybe it is not about begging to god at all as the priest \ pujaris have led us to believe? Think about it.. by making the ordinary people believe that they have to beg to god, and that god is separate from them, most of the priests have rose to positions of power and have secured their livelihood.  Ofcourse, a true priest imparts you the truth about god and acts a guide so that you ultimately know the truth. They were rightly called Gurus in Ancient India.

Hmmm...i realize now that prayer is not about begging at all but about creating your own reality  from a calm and a peaceful mind.


P.s - Share this.. might change somebody's life!


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The Lost mode of Prayer - Gregg braden

Friday, September 10, 2010

XII- Understanding God - II - The secret

 Ask, and it shall be given to you; 

seek, and ye shall find;
 knock, and it shall be opened unto you: 

                                                           - The Bible ( Mat 7:7) 

  For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he;
    ( what you think, so shall u become )            
                                                                           -  The Bible ( King James 23:7 )

If ye have faith as a small as a grain of mustard seed,
ye shall say unto this mountain,
remove hence to yonder place;
and it shall remove;
and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

                                                                 - The Bible ( Mat 17:20 )

" Bend the spoon with the power of your mind !!"... The ad screamed......i thought.. what the heck,  lets see if all this is real. I went and signed up for the weekend class ( Level I ) . I was surprised to note that I was not the only nut.... there were other more educated nuts in the class too.

Though bending the spoon was taught in the level III,  nevertheless it was an amazing class and it sort of opened up my mind to amazing  possibilities. In one of the experiments, four people were called forward ( including me ). We encircled a hefty man perhaps weighing 90-100 kg.  We were asked to lift the man with two fingers each. We tried but could not.

Then the instructor told us all to close our eyes and visualize that we are very strong and that the person in our middle was as light as a feather. We further visualized that we together have already lifted him up in the air..

After about a minute or so of this deep visualization, the teacher asked us to quickly open our eyes and lift him up. We easily lifted him up without so much as an effort. In fact, we touched his head on the false ceiling easily. Seeing this, all four of us  got shocked and  a thought crossed all our  minds.. how  is it possible?? ..No sooner did we  think of it, he became too heavy and we all dropped him. Luckily,  he had a sense of humor and did not bash us up for dropping him. 

Everybody in the class was dumbstruck about it...some thought that some spirit must have been behind it. One person thought that we all must have been hypnotized. As far as i was concerned, i did not know what happened..But i knew that we lifted him almost without any effort. All the instructor said that it is the power of the mind and he left it at that...

I looked at scientific laws to find an explanation for what happened. Science told me that all atoms are 99.99 % empty and as such, nothing is really solid in this universe. What?? .......  99.99 % empty meant almost empty!!! More surprisingly, i also found that the gravity force  is also not properly understood by scientists.  Whew!!...... i got my  sense of composure back...I was definitely not crazy.

What I figured out later was that the native language of the mind is neither English, Hindi or any other  language  but pictures. Whenever we remember any past memories, we most likely visualize it. Just try and remember the details of your dad's or friends first car.. and you will know  what i am referring to...

After this realization, it quickly became apparent as to why we were able to lift the person as mentioned above easily. We had visualized the deed of easily lifting the man with our fingers... or in other words, talked to the higher mind in its own native language.  This reality, ultimately being a dream of the mind ( read previous chapters ),  followed our visualization of lifting the man and accordingly we were able to accomplish it without any effort.   However, no sooner did a doubt crept into our mind, this  reality again went back to our ordinary state and beliefs of the mind and we dropped him with a thud. Hmmm... I realised that the power of belief can do wonders as christ and other sages had repeatedly said...

This was a really a huge discovery. So huge infact, that I doubted if it was true and if it was, why did nobody every told me?  I was looking for verification of this theory. The verification had to be huge for me to really believe it.

The Universe is probably saying that
your wish is my command
The verification came with a BANG !! A movie had come out in 2006 called " The secret " and it had created a sensation all over the world. The movie basically stated that whatever we intend or visualise, begins to happen. Many well known persons of the world supported the basic idea  of the movie citing their own experiences. ( check links below ). I also came across many reports of instances of people bending objects with the power of their mind.

The movie removed every shred of doubt I had in my mind regarding the fact that we are affecting the reality with our thoughts. I had been introduced  to  the power of positive thinking. Things began to fall in place and a whole lot of things started to make sense.  I realised that most of the successful people I had met all had one thing in common..they never brooded over their failures and were always thinking positively about the future. Infact their failures were not failures..but lessons to achieve the goals they had set for themselves.

It made me realise  that there are only two types of people in this world.. one who  gets  affected by reality..and the other who affects reality instead....


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Shekhar Kapur Blog states that ' I exist because you imagine I do". The guy knows that the reality is a dream. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

XI - Understanding God

I am the source of everything; From me all creation emerges. With this realization the wise, awestricken, adore me
-The Bhagavad Gita  Chapter X; Verse 8

I once  had food poisoning and went to visit a doctor. The Doctor was a young chatterbox and was constantly telling me how not to eat roadside food and how people are ignorant about their bodies. Ignorant?..hmm.... He seemed to be aware of all the answers... so I asked him whether he knows how the body works?..He understood the gravity of the question and where this question was leading and as such.... preferred to keep quiet. The rest of the consultation  went pretty quietly!

We all have theories of how the body works but nobody can say for sure including the medical fraternity. This is because the  human body is mind numbingly complex. Its a machine which arises automatically out of dust, grows, makes another machine and then turns back to dust. To even begin to understand it, we had no option but to divide it according to parts and so  we invented a neurologist for the nervous system, an orthopedic for the bones, a general physician for understanding common ailments, an ENT specialist, a dentist, a dermatologist for skin, a psychiatrist for mental illness, a heart specialist and so on and on.

Despite the complexities involved, the body works on automatic mode mostly without we getting bothered about it. Think about it, we eat our food and we forget about it...the body does the rest automatically. Who is doing and controlling the rest of the digestive processes? As it is now turns out, it is controlled by our mind but at a totally different and distinct level. Scientists now call this level of mind , the sub- conscious mind. 

Now this sub-conscious mind is ultra powerful when it comes to body and has surprising control over the body. In one study, a person under hypnosis was told that she is holding a hot piece of metal in her hand. The hand developed blisters even though the piece of metal was cold to touch. Many other instances verifying the power of the mind have been recorded in the medical literature.

The vedas and realized saints while supporting this contention of the scientists, further add to it by contending that there is still another larger and much more powerful level of mind which controls the entire cosmos. Some saints call it the divine mind or the divine consciousness or simply the supra-conscious mind. They contend further that just as the sub-conscious mind is accessible through hypnosis, the supra-conscious mind is accessible through deep meditation. 

In simple words, what the saints are saying is that this world is also just another dream. Just as  divine consciousness  is dreaming this world, we as part of god,  by default   have the power to dream and create realities which we utilize effortlessly while we sleep or sometimes even during daytime....:).... I know this sounds a bit weird but think about it, while we are dreaming, we do not know that it is a dream. It is only when we get out of it i.e when we wake up, we realize that it was just a dream. So how can we be sure that this is not just another dream??

The above verse of Bhagavad Gita now begins to make sense to me. I am now awestricken....not only about the finding the nature of god but also about the fact that I am also part of god. 

So the next question that arose in my mind is to find the key to change this dream... and well......what do you know....... by coincidence, I came across the book...The ' secret'. But thats another blog.....:)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

X- God and the movie ' Inception '.

"Have you seen god?" This question  was asked by my 13 year old cousin  to a highly known  orator cum  saint (?) who had come for lunch at  my relative's house. We all had sat down to eat and suddenly quietness descended on the hall and everybody looked to him for an answer. He thought for a while and then admitted that he had not seen god as yet. Before my cousin could ask the second question which might have embarrassed the saint further, one of the elders changed the subject.  

Amazing.. I thought. It was not because the saint was not able to answer but the boldness with which my cousin could ask such a simple yet perplexing question.  I felt like explaining to him that the oldest Texts of the Hindus, 'The vedas'  state that everything is the mind and that even the scientists are now suspecting that the universe might just be akin to a dream ( see past blogs ). But imagining him laughing at my explanation  made me shelve the idea. 

That is until now!! The answer is the movie ' Inception '. 

Leonardo in the Movie Inception
The central character in the movie, Leonardo Di Caprio ( 'Dom' ), has the amazing ability, by utilizing  some scientific apparatus, to get inside other people dreams while they are sleeping. He is then able to work through the dreams to access information, which being confidential in nature, the sub-conscious mind tries to  hide it in some vault or some secret place.

As dreams are creation of the mind, the physical laws begin to obey more and more of the person's will. Hence, to distinguish dreams from reality, Dom carries a small metal top ( called a totem ), which in a dream never stops spinning once started. 

He is one of the best in the business of stealing ideas and information from other people's mind. Due to his nature of work, he had lost his family and had to flee his country. He takes up a last job as he is promised his life back. 

The law of Gravity Conquered in this scene 
However this job is tricky and instead of stealing, he has to plant an idea in the mind of a person. For this, he has to go deeper and deeper into the sub conscious of the person. The only way to access deeper levels is to access another dream while already inside a dream. He goes three levels down in the sub conscious mind. What awaits them is ofcourse a secret. Suffice to say that as the sub conscious is the storehouse of all the good and the bad things, certain unexpected things happen to them. 

After completing the job, he finally returns home and spins the metal  top to check whether it is a dream or reality but is distracted by his kids. The movie ends showing the  top is still  spinning  leaving the question whether the world is real or a dream unresolved....

The ending continued to linger in my mind long after the movie was over. The movie is so believable and witty that some critics have said that it is one of the best movies this century!!!

Hmmm..........I am thinking of taking my curious cousin for this movie. Atleast after watching the movie, i do not imagine him laughing when i tell him that this reality is also a dream....:)

The Inception movie Trailer

Sunday, June 27, 2010

IX- The Sands of Time

I was shocked!..... My cousin had asked me whether Michael Jackson was really as good as people make him out to be?..... How can somebody ask such a strange question?  Well..understandably.... he could as he was born in the year 1990. By the time he could understand music, the MJ generation had already passed.

I didn't know where or how to start describing MJ to him. He kept looking at me waiting for an answer. I told him that MJ was part of me and almost everybody else during our teens. All my friends grew up listening to him.

From the Music Video- ' Thriller"
To further convince him, I described to him  how great his power was over the teenagers.. women used to faint at the site of him, his songs would play over and over on MTV. He was the most famous and the most dissected music personality by the media. He used to command such power over the population, that even before he uttered a word on stage, his fans would scream and scream and scream. After all the fans would be done screaming, he used to start his performances. He popularised break dance and his music videos were like mini movies. His songs, Billie Jean, Bad, Dangerous, man in the mirror, thriller made records which are still unbroken. He was rightfully called the king of Pop. There is gonna be no one like him.

From the music video- ' Remember the Time'.
He tried to appear convinced, but I knew he was faking it. I was sad, not because I did not convince him but because he would never know the magic of Michael Jackson. The unbelievable and magical  MJ era was getting covered forever by the sands of Time......

That night I logged on Youtube and  watched Michael Jackson's music video- 'who is it', one of my favorites. Something strange happened.

From the music video-' Jam' with
Michael Jordon
While watching the video, I felt myself  teleported back to my teens. The euphoric feeling returned at listening to his songs. The feeling is not easy to describe.. but it was as if I was re-living my past. Its the same feeling when one gets when for example visiting one's old school, old house, old friends etc.. its much more deep  than merely remembering some old facts.

Do we mentally teleport back in time or is  it just some memories rearing its head again? The answer is not an easy one if you consider the fact that according to latest science, Time and reality is very likely a mental illusion akin to a dream.  At the very basic level of reality, Time ceases to exist. Moreover, neurologists have been unable to find  where the actual memories are stored in the brain. The brain merely seems to act like a bridge between the  mind and the body.

While contemplating on the the memory mystery  of the was by chance I had gone to see the movie, 'Prince of Persia, the sands of Time'. The movie had a very witty ending wherein the prince ultimately uses the 'dagger of time' to rewind the reality and experience a different future. Hmm.. i thought about it.... maybe by remembering some event in the past, what we are actually doing is pressing the pause button of this dream reality  and mentally connecting with the  reality where there is no such thing as time. Some saints call this the merger of the individual mind with the universal or the divine mind.

This is not so absurd as it sounds if you consider that some people have such an amazing photographic memory, that it boggles the mind. You tell them any sentence of a book they might have read in their childhood and they can tell you on which page it is!! ...( see links below ). Current medical science fails to explain such phenomena. Moreover, scientists have recently been astonished to find that a simple plant utilises quantum entanglement ( a state where everything is connected and  there is no such thing as 'time' ) to distribute energy generated from sunlight throughout its body. Hmm.. if a simple plant can do such a trick , why not  us?  To me, it seems logical when you consider that if nature gave us the illusion of time, then  surely the easiest way to remember  is to remove the illusion of time rather than create a computer mechanism for storing and retrieving memories.  It just sounds a whole lot simpler.

Rest In Peace- Michael Jackson
The more developed realized saints ofcourse can more fully merge their mind with the universal mind, and can  see  into the future as well. There were many people like Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and ofcourse my father's guru ( see previous chapters in this blog ) ,  who could  see far ahead in the future.

A question can be asked... what use is this knowledge of Time to me..Well.. for one..... I know Michael Jackson is not dead for me. He lives on in my mind......


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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

VIII- Incredible India.


Harrison ford stars as
Indiana Jones..the famous archeologist brought to life by  Steven Spielberg in many movies never ceases to amaze me. Unearthing ancient  civilizations, artifacts and lost historical treasures really makes for interesting adventures. As a kid, I always wanted to relive the adventures of Indiana Jones. I always  thought it would be so cool to discover an ancient civilization much more advanced than what we thought of them.  Lo.. and behold...  I never realized that I would end up re-discovering my own country, Bharat ( India ).  I had learned of India from our history textbooks which was kind of depressing to say the least. What I realize now  is  that I was merely looking at the black spot of the British occupation of our country and our struggle for freedom. The history of our race is much more glorious than I ever imagined. I would describe my country's history as follows..

Once upon a time, there was a land known as Bharat. God wanted to give this land all the features so that its inhabitants could experience life fully and in all its glory.  God gave it the highest mountain ranges, which served not only as a place of solitude so as to reach him, but also posed a challenge to the indomitable  human spirit. It was also strategically located so as to prevent its inhabitants from the cold wave of the north while assuring a steady supply of mineral water to its inhabitants in the form of various rivers throughout the year. Not to bore its inhabitants, god further added variety in the form of deserts of rajasthan, cold desert of Ladakh, tropical forests with unlimited variety of plants and animals and  one of the longest and beautiful coastlines. It further gave its inhabitants the highest percentage of arable land ( 51% )  from which to grow food and feed the population and its visitors.

The inhabitants of this country, with all the natural comforts given above, evolved very  quickly. They  soon developed the most scientifically perfect language known as 'sanskrit'.  They further developed Vimana ( now known as Aeroplanes ) and had already known the power of 'anu'. ( now known as 'atom' in English ). They had soon realised that the material world is an illusion and therefore developed the Science of Meditation and Yoga. Through the development of this science, they began to increasingly control this dream reality  and many were ultimately able to conquer time and space. Teleportation was  achieved. Machines were no longer needed. They became so absorbed in the science of the mind, that the physical sciences were almost forgotten.

 Through their developed powers, they were able to perceive the coming dark ages ( kali yuga ). It was a feared age as man would progressively utilise less and less of his mind and would not be able to comprehend anything beyond the five senses. As such, to protect the knowledge already gained, and also to prevent their misuse, they encoded the knowledge in cryptic sanskrit shlokas. The human mind can remember rhythms naturally and without any effort ( a song is easy to remember ). As such, the shlokas were made rhythmic so that there was less chance of its distortion when passed down orally from one generation to the next. They called it the vedas.

Just before the onset of the dark age called 'kali yuga', the country fought a great internal battle now known as the 'Mahabharata' in which most of the intelligent people were killed. The winners, pandavas alongwith realized saints, dejected with the effects on men in the kali yuga retired to the Himalayan mountains ( The shrines\caves of pandavas are existing  near Badrinath ).  Many saints did not take samadhi and instead kept a watch on the  world's  activities waiting for an opportune time to reveal the knowledge again. However from time to time, in order to guide and instill hope in people through the dark ages, saintly teachers like the Buddha took birth in this Holy Land to guide the generations in china, Tibet and other Asian Countries.

 Even Christ, though born in Jerusalem, came to India  during the age 12-30 and learned the science of Yoga and meditation. He realised that he was a part of god and as such called himself the 'son' of god. He tried to teach his people the same principles, but the dark ages had taken hold of the mind of men. They could not grasp his teachings and instead of felicitating him, crucified him. He is thought to have survived the crucification and rejuvenated himself through the techniques of yoga. He thereafter left his homeland and settled in Kashmir, India. ( see links below )

It would however be foolish to confine the greatness of  this holy land only for its spiritual endeavours. Even in this dark kali yuga age, the Indians were masters of the masters.  In the field of mathematics, the Indians invented the numbering system ( though credit is given to Arabs but the Arabs themselves learnt it from Hindus ) and also the concept of zero ( 'shunya'  in sanskrit ) . Trigonometry was also invented by it. Infact, even  the European Languages including many words in English are a derivative of the ancient sanskrit language of India.

In the field of Medicine, long before anybody knew about energy, we were describing body in terms of energy ( kundalini shakti ) rather than in terms of cells.  This seems logical if you keep the scientific fact that all is different forms of one energy.   The Ayurveda is basically based on treating the causes and imbalances in energy rather than medical Science which is basically based on treating the symptoms. Medical Science considers the power of mind and its effects on the body, called the placebo effect as a mystery whereas the Indians  knew long back that the mind makes the body ( as in a dream ) and body does not make the mind.

Nalanda University. The worlds first University

In the field of Astronomy, there are references in Rig Veda ( some say the vedas are atleast 10000 years old ) about the spherical shape of earth, period of rotation and that the earth revolves around the sun. The ancient Hindus also knew that the sun also revolves around another sun, which scientists only now are suspecting the same. Infact, the Indians taught the world in the world's first residential university called  the Nalanda University where students from china and other Asian countries used to come for studies.

Iron pillar in Delhi.

In the field of metallurgy, there was no comparision of India. The Indians made a giant 6 ton iron pillar 1500 years ago near Kutub-Minar in Delhi which has till date not rusted at all.  It is only recently that the secrets of this ancient Indian technology has been unravelled as to anti-rust properties.

Indians, through their smartness and resourcefulness  was the richest country and was called ' The Golden Bird'.  India was already into International Trade in the year 1400s and was the Biggest Trading country in the world. Infact, this was the reason that an entire oceon was named after a country.

Christopher Columbus was so amazed by India and its riches, that he decided to voyage to India on his ship to bring back spices, silks, gold etc . He accidently stumbled on USA in the year 1492  and thinking that he landed in India, named the natives as Indians. That is how the natives of USA today are called red Indians.

India lost her way after the invasion of the East India Company in the 1600s and as a result,  her greatness slept for the next 300 years. To be fair to Indians, in a front to front battle, even Alexander had to accept defeat at the hands of India. However, the Britishers were cunning and they entered India as friends and businessmen. Once trust was established, it was easy for the British to conquer India. However, the  enslavement of 300 years is but a small blackspot on the otherwise shining record of  India. No doubt, this was an extremely  traumatic experience on the psyche of Indians but much has already been written about it than what it deserves.

Many  realized masters ( including my father's guru ) have stated that the 21st century will belong to India. The signs of this happening are already showing. Many will criticise about the lack of infrastructure, poverty, corruption etc. They fail to understand that India is in a transforming stage and its 1 billion people are trying to calibrate the country's systems through a democratic setup.  It is slow but extremely durable.

The first chapter in the Modern History of the world   may have belonged to western civilizations but it will surely have an Indian Ending...:)

References and evidences.
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Christopher Columbus discovered America.
The lost Years of Jesus Christ. He went to India.
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The Iron Pillar in Delhi. 1500 years old and not rusted as yet!
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

VII- Finding more evidences

I found doing my law course from Delhi University very exciting and funny. First,  the  teacher teaches you the law and how it should be followed and   then , with a wicked smile, as if suddenly  possessed by the devil , tells you how to break it!. In a single lecture, we could see the transformation of the teacher from a preacher of the law ( angel ) to the breaker of law ( demon ). It actually used to bring a smile to my face.. i mean.. we were being taught man-made laws by both the Angels and Demons. Law was certainly  interesting ..:)

One of things that we learned at law school was how to appreciate evidences to find out whether a particular thing  is true or not. It is sort of like detective work. You have to be neutral when looking at a particular evidence or circumstances. This lesson, on hindsight, turned out to be very valuable in my search for god.

While researching various scientific truths and going through vedanta and other books , a picture had begun to emerge of that our reality is basically a dream. However,  just arriving at the conclusion that reality is basically a dream without further evidences was not agreeable to my newly acquired legal mind.

I reasoned that if reality is basically a dream, then logically our thoughts should be more powerful than we think and should have atleast an effect on our surroundings.

The internet is a great thing.. and google is wonderful. I did not have to try hard to get the additional evidence.

The first evidence i found was that our thoughts affect water. It really does at the molecular level.  ( see the links at the bottom ). I was so amazed by it that i did not sleep that night. If one considers that our human brain is 75% water,  and our bodies are 60% water, imagine what are we doing to ourselves by our own thoughts of negativity and pessimism !. It further explained to me many medical mysteries   (for later ). I always used to wonder as to why the ancients used to treat water sacred and keep it closer to the pooja room or place. They were wanting to transmit good thoughts to water!

The second evidence i came across was the website the intention experiment.  They have conducted many experiments to prove that our thoughts\ intentions affects plants, seeds etc.  The experiments have confirmed that our thoughts are a kind of energy which can change the characteristics of plants, seeds, things  etc.

The third evidence i came across and which has also become popular now is the movie ' The secret'. It is based on a best selling book " The secret ".  The book basically states that our thoughts\ intentions  manifest things in future. For example, if you dream of a big house, you will, in due course of time, be presented with opportunities to get it.

My rational mind tried hard to find a counter to these evidences but i could not.

I realised one more thing. Just as the power of a tree is contained in a seed, the power to create a chicken is manifest in the egg, likewise, we as sons or part of god, the power to create worlds  is also manifest in us.  Infact, we utilise that power unknowingly every night and without any effort when we dream.

Earlier, my legal mind was asking questions as to ' How can all this be a dream? '. But after appreciating the unbiased evidences, the question changed to ' Why did  not somebody  tell me this before ? "...:)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

VI- Science merges with Vedas

It was the year 2001. I was sitting in the office. It was a lazy day and I was basically passing time doing mundane work. Suddenly there was commotion in the reception area. Surprised, I went to check.

There were four sardar wearing big black ( or blue? ) turban and asking for donation. One of them saw me and said that " I need to show u something". I thought, what the heck, might be some entertainment... i invited him and one other person to my chamber.

He gave me a thread and asked me to break it up. I did. Then he asked me to basically roll all the thread pieces in one ball. i did and kept the ball inside my fist as instructed. He never touched the thread as he was sitting at some distance. Then he took a paper and wrote something down and kept it with him. He then asked me to think of a question and write it in my diary. I complied again.

He closed his eyes for a minute or so and i guess he meditated or said something. Then he just asked me to open my fist and check the thread.

I was shocked.!!!! All the thread pieces had joined again and there was no sign of any breakage.

Before I could recover completely from the shock, he asked me to read aloud what he had written on the paper. I did and I was again shocked. It was the same sentence that i had written in my diary.. but i had written it after he had did he know i was going to write the same sentence.??

They obviously had come for the money. Thankfully, i did not have much money with me and i gave them all i had just to get rid of them.

Yogi Vasistha teaching disciples.
For many years, i could not understand what happened. How was the person able to do what he did? I knew that I was not hypnotised as my reasoning and logical faculties were intact. But i continued to think how he had executed that trick.

Years later, I saw David Blaine on AXN. He did the same trick with the thread in front of the camera.

I never would have believed it possible had I not come across the grand daddy of the most mysterious scientific experiments of all time.

The experiment is called the Double Slit Experiment. A cartoon video explaining the experiment is here. A slightly more technical writeup of the experiment is here.

In short, the experiment, in a sense, proved that particles ( really small like atoms, electrons ) do not have any shape or even existence unless and until you look ( scientific lingo - measure ). This is called the uncertainty principle. Imagine u are driving a car on a lonely road with headlights on. Only the things which are visible to your five senses actually exist, rest all which u do not see.. does not exist. Infact, many prominent scientists suspect that reality exists not because of physical particles but because of the act of observing the universe. An amazing article titled ' Does the  Universe exist if we are not looking? ' on Discover Magazine can be found here.

After many days of pondering and researching over this counter intuitive conclusion, I came across an ancient text called the Yoga Vasistha which is probably the most important text in Vedas, and the history is that Rama, who is the incarnation of God, goes to the great seer to get instruction. And as is the custom in India, Rama touches the Rishi Vasistha's feet. And the seer says, "Hey stop it! You're God why are you doing this?" So Rama says, " I have forgotten. You have to remind me that I am God."

Vasistha then gives him the first lesson.- " You're not in the world, the world is in you. You're not in the body, the body is in you. You're not even in the mind, the mind is in you. As you curve back within your own consciousness ( mind ), you manifest ( create ) the mind, body, and the world.

The conclusions above confused me. I pondered over the implication of the above. Then one night, as if out of the blue, an inner voice spoke - " How can something exist in a dream without a dreamer dreaming it ?". YESSSS....THIS WAS IT... i thought. IT ALL MADE SENSE. I couldn't help but smile realising that both Science and vedas were referring to different sides of the same coin. ( Read the above article again and it will now make sense )

Everything is the mind ( dream ) and we all are collectively dreaming  this reality   as rightly explained  by the Vedas. Science had unravelled the mysterious Vedas.

Nothing is impossible in a dream..the power to change reality lies in faith.

From the movie The Matrix..inspired by the Vedas?
The Bible notes the saying of Jesus " Because you have so little faith, i tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ' move ' from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."

I never used to believe in the above saying thinking of it as some mumbo jumbo.. but now.. i had no doubt about it...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

V- We are Different Reflections of a Single Flame.

" THE NAME IS BOND.. JAMES BOND."  The unforgettable line in which James Bond delivers his introduction prepares the viewer  to expect a big disruption to the  set order of things. 

As a kid, i was always enamored with the style and flair of how James Bond easily gets the villain,  saves the world  and more  importantly... gets the girl...:) 

One day it finally happened. I was in Mcleodganj near Dharamshala in a restaurant called MC.LLO  having a drink  with a friend. Our wives were shopping. The place was frequented by many hollywood stars as Mcleodganj  is  the seat of the Dalai Lama. The table next to us was empty. Some time later, a foreign couple came and sat there. At first i did not pay much attention but as i heard the man speaking, i knew i had heard this voice before. I looked at the guy and realised that it was none other than Roger Moore. THE ROGER MOORE. The most famous and successful James Bond ever. I couldn't believe my luck!!!. I was seeing this iconic man in person. He had lost a lot of hair and was wearing  big glasses which made it difficult to recognise him. I leaned towards him and greeted him . He realised that he had been found, shook my hand and gestured me with the other hand to keep it to myself. I excitedly complied. My friend though could not contain his excitement. He   ordered beer, poured  it in four glasses and put two glasses on his table and gestured him for cheers. Roger Moore and I were a bit surprised at the sudden burst of enthusiasm of my friend but before we  could say anything.. his companion lady said "thank you". We all lifted our glasses and had a was a really memorable experience. It felt like a dream to finally meet James Bond in person. 

Then it happened... my wife woke me up!!!! .... Man.. it was really  a dream.... but it felt so real. The experience of that dream though lingered with me for a long time.. The excitement... the handshake...and the cheers... Everything was clear, distinct, and real.

Coming to Scientific world, i came  across a scientist named   Aspect.. Alain Aspect. He was the James Bond aka Disruptor of the Scientific world. In 1982, he showed the world that at the very very basic level, two atoms are inherently connected. Imagine, two coins, one on Earth,  and the other  on planet pluto... flipping one coin will instantly flip the other one without any delay at all  irrespective of the distances involved. In short, his experiment showed that Time and Space ( distances ) may be illusions after all. 

The discovery changed the course of the future for the scientific world...infact it was so incomprehensible, that it came to be known in the scientific circles as THE SPOOKY ACTION AT A DISTANCE. The latest research has only confirmed the spooky connection repeatedly.  

Some scientists and readers,  have arrived at the conclusions that our world  may just be a giant Hologram after all . The universe appears to be like a 3D film coming from some single source.

I was trying to make sense of all this and for quite sometime and I couldn't. I mean how can it be a projection or a hologram?

Then one day, while watching a James Bond movie, i remembered my dream of meeting James Bond. I realised that the entire dream that i had of meeting James bond was a projection of my mind in 3D. It was my mind which made James Bond, the restaurent and me... yet while the dream was progressing, i did not know that it was a dream or that  my mind was the creator of everything. Only when i woke up or  exited the dream , did i realise that all was a dream, a figment of my mind. 

I was surprised  at the simplicity of all this. I realised that there is no way of knowing whether this reality is a dream or not without exiting from this dream. Exiting from the dream meant being dead. uh-oh.. that was a path i was not keen to take... i searched for an answer again..

That evening, we had to go to Birla mandir..By chance, i stopped at the Buddha temple which was right next to the Birla Mandir.. I saw the murti and i got my answer. The Buddha murti was in a meditative pose with eyes closed. 

Somebody had said that meditation was being temporarily dead.. I had got my answer..:)


1.  Article on spooky action at a distance on The Telegraph
2. Interview of Michael Talbot, author, of the book called The Holographic Universe.
3. Interview by Deepak Chopra: Conciousness and the connection to the Universe

Sunday, March 21, 2010

IV- The Telescope story

It was 2:00 am in the morning. The night was as usual dark and quiet. I slowly opened the main gate of my house lest it would make a creaking noise. My friend was standing outside half asleep. "I am here"- he said with a yawn. I was not particularly delighted to see him as I was also feeling very sleepy but we both had made a solemn commitment to meet in the night to trace the planets Jupiter and saturn with the new telescope.

The telescope had a story of its own. It was 1992 and I had just given my 10th board Exams. My father had promised me a telescope if I cleared the same.

Now, the reason for my wanting to get a telescope was to see for myself, the stars and planets with my own eyes as try as i might, my imagination could not comprehend the vastness of the planets and the Universe. To quote a metaphor, imagine a beach 100 kms long. This would be the size of the Universe. The individual grains of sand in the beach are individual suns just like our sun. On that one grain of sand, imagine there are 13 lac individual bacteria. Out of that 13 lac bacteria, the size of one bacteria would be equivalent to the size of our earth!. Wait..there is more.., according the science, the universe was born when a Humongous ball of some unknown energy exploded in the distant past which the scientists now unimaginatively call THE BIG BANG.. ( no.. it was not named by some philander scientist.. i checked... )

The results of my exam was not yet known but my father was absolutely sure that I would pass.The reason of my father’s confidence in my results had less to do with me and more to do with what my father’s guru had said. My father’s guru had visited our house after my board exams. My father used to tell me stories about my father’s guru miracles. I guess he used to like the bewildered look on my face on hearing the magical stories. He sensed another opportunity to see the look on my face and perhaps, that is the reason why he asked me to go to the Guruji's room and ask him as to how much marks i will get in my board exams.

I was excited to know my results and I immediately went to his room. I opened the door slowly and found him meditating. Not wanting to disturb him, I was about to close the door had he not opened his eyes. He motioned me to sit in front of him. I obliged. I asked him whether he could tell me how much I will score in my board exams. He nodded and asked me to come close. He put his thumb in between my eyebrows and closed his eyes. After about 10 seconds, he opened his eyes slowly and told me that I would get 74%. His unhesitant answer, made it look as if Time was just an illusion to him. I was very happy and sought his blessing and departed from the room. I ran upstairs and told the same to my now anxiously waiting father. Seeing him understandably relived, I reminded him of the promise about buying me a telescope.

He fulfilled his promise and I got a big reflective telescope with a 5 inch mirror on that day.

The best time to view the stars is when there is when there is total darkness. Me and my friend calculated that the darkest night is probably at 2.00 am in the morning and made a commitment to meet at that time.

Now,having met, we reached the terrace where the telescope was all ready for us to explore the Universe. We started tracing the stars and constellations in the sky to figure out where the planet Saturn would be located as it was the most beautiful planet in the entire solar system. We found it soon enough and was amazed to see it. The thrill of actually seeing the Saturn planet with your own eyes as opposed to seeing it in a book is beyond words. It gave us both such a kick that we literally spent many nights on the terrace to check out the other jewels in the sky.

The results of the Board exams soon came. I was surprised..unlike my father…to score 74%. My father’s guru had predicted it a month before. I really did not think deeply about it much at that time.

But now, my perpective had changed and i was wanting to connect the puzzle pieces given to me by the various books i was now vociferously reading on science, metaphysics, universe etc. I came across many scientists views like the one here that they suspected that time was just an illusion and that there is no such thing as 'Time' . It is all our perception only and is not a characteristic of the universe.

Its a pity I thought...had they met my father's guru, there would be no room for doubts in the scientist's minds.

One question perplexed me though, if time is actually an illusion and in reality there is no such thing as time, then are we all at some level still that one ball of unknown energy prior to THE BIG BANG ? In other words, are we all still one and the same ? The next books i read, answered this question with evidences and wow..i felt like somebody woke me up from a deep sleep.. ..i was awake..:)