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VIII- Incredible India.


Harrison ford stars as
Indiana Jones..the famous archeologist brought to life by  Steven Spielberg in many movies never ceases to amaze me. Unearthing ancient  civilizations, artifacts and lost historical treasures really makes for interesting adventures. As a kid, I always wanted to relive the adventures of Indiana Jones. I always  thought it would be so cool to discover an ancient civilization much more advanced than what we thought of them.  Lo.. and behold...  I never realized that I would end up re-discovering my own country, Bharat ( India ).  I had learned of India from our history textbooks which was kind of depressing to say the least. What I realize now  is  that I was merely looking at the black spot of the British occupation of our country and our struggle for freedom. The history of our race is much more glorious than I ever imagined. I would describe my country's history as follows..

Once upon a time, there was a land known as Bharat. God wanted to give this land all the features so that its inhabitants could experience life fully and in all its glory.  God gave it the highest mountain ranges, which served not only as a place of solitude so as to reach him, but also posed a challenge to the indomitable  human spirit. It was also strategically located so as to prevent its inhabitants from the cold wave of the north while assuring a steady supply of mineral water to its inhabitants in the form of various rivers throughout the year. Not to bore its inhabitants, god further added variety in the form of deserts of rajasthan, cold desert of Ladakh, tropical forests with unlimited variety of plants and animals and  one of the longest and beautiful coastlines. It further gave its inhabitants the highest percentage of arable land ( 51% )  from which to grow food and feed the population and its visitors.

The inhabitants of this country, with all the natural comforts given above, evolved very  quickly. They  soon developed the most scientifically perfect language known as 'sanskrit'.  They further developed Vimana ( now known as Aeroplanes ) and had already known the power of 'anu'. ( now known as 'atom' in English ). They had soon realised that the material world is an illusion and therefore developed the Science of Meditation and Yoga. Through the development of this science, they began to increasingly control this dream reality  and many were ultimately able to conquer time and space. Teleportation was  achieved. Machines were no longer needed. They became so absorbed in the science of the mind, that the physical sciences were almost forgotten.

 Through their developed powers, they were able to perceive the coming dark ages ( kali yuga ). It was a feared age as man would progressively utilise less and less of his mind and would not be able to comprehend anything beyond the five senses. As such, to protect the knowledge already gained, and also to prevent their misuse, they encoded the knowledge in cryptic sanskrit shlokas. The human mind can remember rhythms naturally and without any effort ( a song is easy to remember ). As such, the shlokas were made rhythmic so that there was less chance of its distortion when passed down orally from one generation to the next. They called it the vedas.

Just before the onset of the dark age called 'kali yuga', the country fought a great internal battle now known as the 'Mahabharata' in which most of the intelligent people were killed. The winners, pandavas alongwith realized saints, dejected with the effects on men in the kali yuga retired to the Himalayan mountains ( The shrines\caves of pandavas are existing  near Badrinath ).  Many saints did not take samadhi and instead kept a watch on the  world's  activities waiting for an opportune time to reveal the knowledge again. However from time to time, in order to guide and instill hope in people through the dark ages, saintly teachers like the Buddha took birth in this Holy Land to guide the generations in china, Tibet and other Asian Countries.

 Even Christ, though born in Jerusalem, came to India  during the age 12-30 and learned the science of Yoga and meditation. He realised that he was a part of god and as such called himself the 'son' of god. He tried to teach his people the same principles, but the dark ages had taken hold of the mind of men. They could not grasp his teachings and instead of felicitating him, crucified him. He is thought to have survived the crucification and rejuvenated himself through the techniques of yoga. He thereafter left his homeland and settled in Kashmir, India. ( see links below )

It would however be foolish to confine the greatness of  this holy land only for its spiritual endeavours. Even in this dark kali yuga age, the Indians were masters of the masters.  In the field of mathematics, the Indians invented the numbering system ( though credit is given to Arabs but the Arabs themselves learnt it from Hindus ) and also the concept of zero ( 'shunya'  in sanskrit ) . Trigonometry was also invented by it. Infact, even  the European Languages including many words in English are a derivative of the ancient sanskrit language of India.

In the field of Medicine, long before anybody knew about energy, we were describing body in terms of energy ( kundalini shakti ) rather than in terms of cells.  This seems logical if you keep the scientific fact that all is different forms of one energy.   The Ayurveda is basically based on treating the causes and imbalances in energy rather than medical Science which is basically based on treating the symptoms. Medical Science considers the power of mind and its effects on the body, called the placebo effect as a mystery whereas the Indians  knew long back that the mind makes the body ( as in a dream ) and body does not make the mind.

Nalanda University. The worlds first University

In the field of Astronomy, there are references in Rig Veda ( some say the vedas are atleast 10000 years old ) about the spherical shape of earth, period of rotation and that the earth revolves around the sun. The ancient Hindus also knew that the sun also revolves around another sun, which scientists only now are suspecting the same. Infact, the Indians taught the world in the world's first residential university called  the Nalanda University where students from china and other Asian countries used to come for studies.

Iron pillar in Delhi.

In the field of metallurgy, there was no comparision of India. The Indians made a giant 6 ton iron pillar 1500 years ago near Kutub-Minar in Delhi which has till date not rusted at all.  It is only recently that the secrets of this ancient Indian technology has been unravelled as to anti-rust properties.

Indians, through their smartness and resourcefulness  was the richest country and was called ' The Golden Bird'.  India was already into International Trade in the year 1400s and was the Biggest Trading country in the world. Infact, this was the reason that an entire oceon was named after a country.

Christopher Columbus was so amazed by India and its riches, that he decided to voyage to India on his ship to bring back spices, silks, gold etc . He accidently stumbled on USA in the year 1492  and thinking that he landed in India, named the natives as Indians. That is how the natives of USA today are called red Indians.

India lost her way after the invasion of the East India Company in the 1600s and as a result,  her greatness slept for the next 300 years. To be fair to Indians, in a front to front battle, even Alexander had to accept defeat at the hands of India. However, the Britishers were cunning and they entered India as friends and businessmen. Once trust was established, it was easy for the British to conquer India. However, the  enslavement of 300 years is but a small blackspot on the otherwise shining record of  India. No doubt, this was an extremely  traumatic experience on the psyche of Indians but much has already been written about it than what it deserves.

Many  realized masters ( including my father's guru ) have stated that the 21st century will belong to India. The signs of this happening are already showing. Many will criticise about the lack of infrastructure, poverty, corruption etc. They fail to understand that India is in a transforming stage and its 1 billion people are trying to calibrate the country's systems through a democratic setup.  It is slow but extremely durable.

The first chapter in the Modern History of the world   may have belonged to western civilizations but it will surely have an Indian Ending...:)

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  1. Thanks! That is so awesome...I was just googling for images of Jesus Christ besides the typical blonde & blue eyed!

  2. This article brilliantly sums up the glorious past the land has had (till the Europeans came to exploit) and how it is once again inching towards the same.. It is a slow process, but let us hope it is a steady one. Apart from all the evils that have sadly maligned our society, the mindfulness and spiritual awakening of the people from this land is a gift to the world!

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