Sunday, May 9, 2010

VII- Finding more evidences

I found doing my law course from Delhi University very exciting and funny. First,  the  teacher teaches you the law and how it should be followed and   then , with a wicked smile, as if suddenly  possessed by the devil , tells you how to break it!. In a single lecture, we could see the transformation of the teacher from a preacher of the law ( angel ) to the breaker of law ( demon ). It actually used to bring a smile to my face.. i mean.. we were being taught man-made laws by both the Angels and Demons. Law was certainly  interesting ..:)

One of things that we learned at law school was how to appreciate evidences to find out whether a particular thing  is true or not. It is sort of like detective work. You have to be neutral when looking at a particular evidence or circumstances. This lesson, on hindsight, turned out to be very valuable in my search for god.

While researching various scientific truths and going through vedanta and other books , a picture had begun to emerge of that our reality is basically a dream. However,  just arriving at the conclusion that reality is basically a dream without further evidences was not agreeable to my newly acquired legal mind.

I reasoned that if reality is basically a dream, then logically our thoughts should be more powerful than we think and should have atleast an effect on our surroundings.

The internet is a great thing.. and google is wonderful. I did not have to try hard to get the additional evidence.

The first evidence i found was that our thoughts affect water. It really does at the molecular level.  ( see the links at the bottom ). I was so amazed by it that i did not sleep that night. If one considers that our human brain is 75% water,  and our bodies are 60% water, imagine what are we doing to ourselves by our own thoughts of negativity and pessimism !. It further explained to me many medical mysteries   (for later ). I always used to wonder as to why the ancients used to treat water sacred and keep it closer to the pooja room or place. They were wanting to transmit good thoughts to water!

The second evidence i came across was the website the intention experiment.  They have conducted many experiments to prove that our thoughts\ intentions affects plants, seeds etc.  The experiments have confirmed that our thoughts are a kind of energy which can change the characteristics of plants, seeds, things  etc.

The third evidence i came across and which has also become popular now is the movie ' The secret'. It is based on a best selling book " The secret ".  The book basically states that our thoughts\ intentions  manifest things in future. For example, if you dream of a big house, you will, in due course of time, be presented with opportunities to get it.

My rational mind tried hard to find a counter to these evidences but i could not.

I realised one more thing. Just as the power of a tree is contained in a seed, the power to create a chicken is manifest in the egg, likewise, we as sons or part of god, the power to create worlds  is also manifest in us.  Infact, we utilise that power unknowingly every night and without any effort when we dream.

Earlier, my legal mind was asking questions as to ' How can all this be a dream? '. But after appreciating the unbiased evidences, the question changed to ' Why did  not somebody  tell me this before ? "...:)

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