Monday, August 9, 2010

XI - Understanding God

I am the source of everything; From me all creation emerges. With this realization the wise, awestricken, adore me
-The Bhagavad Gita  Chapter X; Verse 8

I once  had food poisoning and went to visit a doctor. The Doctor was a young chatterbox and was constantly telling me how not to eat roadside food and how people are ignorant about their bodies. Ignorant?..hmm.... He seemed to be aware of all the answers... so I asked him whether he knows how the body works?..He understood the gravity of the question and where this question was leading and as such.... preferred to keep quiet. The rest of the consultation  went pretty quietly!

We all have theories of how the body works but nobody can say for sure including the medical fraternity. This is because the  human body is mind numbingly complex. Its a machine which arises automatically out of dust, grows, makes another machine and then turns back to dust. To even begin to understand it, we had no option but to divide it according to parts and so  we invented a neurologist for the nervous system, an orthopedic for the bones, a general physician for understanding common ailments, an ENT specialist, a dentist, a dermatologist for skin, a psychiatrist for mental illness, a heart specialist and so on and on.

Despite the complexities involved, the body works on automatic mode mostly without we getting bothered about it. Think about it, we eat our food and we forget about it...the body does the rest automatically. Who is doing and controlling the rest of the digestive processes? As it is now turns out, it is controlled by our mind but at a totally different and distinct level. Scientists now call this level of mind , the sub- conscious mind. 

Now this sub-conscious mind is ultra powerful when it comes to body and has surprising control over the body. In one study, a person under hypnosis was told that she is holding a hot piece of metal in her hand. The hand developed blisters even though the piece of metal was cold to touch. Many other instances verifying the power of the mind have been recorded in the medical literature.

The vedas and realized saints while supporting this contention of the scientists, further add to it by contending that there is still another larger and much more powerful level of mind which controls the entire cosmos. Some saints call it the divine mind or the divine consciousness or simply the supra-conscious mind. They contend further that just as the sub-conscious mind is accessible through hypnosis, the supra-conscious mind is accessible through deep meditation. 

In simple words, what the saints are saying is that this world is also just another dream. Just as  divine consciousness  is dreaming this world, we as part of god,  by default   have the power to dream and create realities which we utilize effortlessly while we sleep or sometimes even during daytime....:).... I know this sounds a bit weird but think about it, while we are dreaming, we do not know that it is a dream. It is only when we get out of it i.e when we wake up, we realize that it was just a dream. So how can we be sure that this is not just another dream??

The above verse of Bhagavad Gita now begins to make sense to me. I am now awestricken....not only about the finding the nature of god but also about the fact that I am also part of god. 

So the next question that arose in my mind is to find the key to change this dream... and well......what do you know....... by coincidence, I came across the book...The ' secret'. But thats another blog.....:)


  1. To sfauthor
    i am not aware of this edition of bhagvad gita. Buts looks interesting.. u may want to have a look at God talks to Arjuna: The Bhagavad gita by paramahansa Yogananda.. It is in two parts. This is by far the best interpretation i have come across..check out reviews of it on amazon.

  2. sirji..realy interesting post..i would like to ask u one question rather discuss:)d u know how our body works?beyond biology?

  3. @aditya, thanks...i have a theory of how the body works..but currently trying to validate it through changes in diet like raw foods , breathing exercises..etc....keep checking the blog..:)

  4. Took me time to read the whole article, the article is great but the comments bring more brainstorm ideas, thanks.

    - Johnson

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