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XII- Understanding God - II - The secret

 Ask, and it shall be given to you; 

seek, and ye shall find;
 knock, and it shall be opened unto you: 

                                                           - The Bible ( Mat 7:7) 

  For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he;
    ( what you think, so shall u become )            
                                                                           -  The Bible ( King James 23:7 )

If ye have faith as a small as a grain of mustard seed,
ye shall say unto this mountain,
remove hence to yonder place;
and it shall remove;
and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

                                                                 - The Bible ( Mat 17:20 )

" Bend the spoon with the power of your mind !!"... The ad screamed......i thought.. what the heck,  lets see if all this is real. I went and signed up for the weekend class ( Level I ) . I was surprised to note that I was not the only nut.... there were other more educated nuts in the class too.

Though bending the spoon was taught in the level III,  nevertheless it was an amazing class and it sort of opened up my mind to amazing  possibilities. In one of the experiments, four people were called forward ( including me ). We encircled a hefty man perhaps weighing 90-100 kg.  We were asked to lift the man with two fingers each. We tried but could not.

Then the instructor told us all to close our eyes and visualize that we are very strong and that the person in our middle was as light as a feather. We further visualized that we together have already lifted him up in the air..

After about a minute or so of this deep visualization, the teacher asked us to quickly open our eyes and lift him up. We easily lifted him up without so much as an effort. In fact, we touched his head on the false ceiling easily. Seeing this, all four of us  got shocked and  a thought crossed all our  minds.. how  is it possible?? ..No sooner did we  think of it, he became too heavy and we all dropped him. Luckily,  he had a sense of humor and did not bash us up for dropping him. 

Everybody in the class was dumbstruck about it...some thought that some spirit must have been behind it. One person thought that we all must have been hypnotized. As far as i was concerned, i did not know what happened..But i knew that we lifted him almost without any effort. All the instructor said that it is the power of the mind and he left it at that...

I looked at scientific laws to find an explanation for what happened. Science told me that all atoms are 99.99 % empty and as such, nothing is really solid in this universe. What?? .......  99.99 % empty meant almost empty!!! More surprisingly, i also found that the gravity force  is also not properly understood by scientists.  Whew!!...... i got my  sense of composure back...I was definitely not crazy.

What I figured out later was that the native language of the mind is neither English, Hindi or any other  language  but pictures. Whenever we remember any past memories, we most likely visualize it. Just try and remember the details of your dad's or friends first car.. and you will know  what i am referring to...

After this realization, it quickly became apparent as to why we were able to lift the person as mentioned above easily. We had visualized the deed of easily lifting the man with our fingers... or in other words, talked to the higher mind in its own native language.  This reality, ultimately being a dream of the mind ( read previous chapters ),  followed our visualization of lifting the man and accordingly we were able to accomplish it without any effort.   However, no sooner did a doubt crept into our mind, this  reality again went back to our ordinary state and beliefs of the mind and we dropped him with a thud. Hmmm... I realised that the power of belief can do wonders as christ and other sages had repeatedly said...

This was a really a huge discovery. So huge infact, that I doubted if it was true and if it was, why did nobody every told me?  I was looking for verification of this theory. The verification had to be huge for me to really believe it.

The Universe is probably saying that
your wish is my command
The verification came with a BANG !! A movie had come out in 2006 called " The secret " and it had created a sensation all over the world. The movie basically stated that whatever we intend or visualise, begins to happen. Many well known persons of the world supported the basic idea  of the movie citing their own experiences. ( check links below ). I also came across many reports of instances of people bending objects with the power of their mind.

The movie removed every shred of doubt I had in my mind regarding the fact that we are affecting the reality with our thoughts. I had been introduced  to  the power of positive thinking. Things began to fall in place and a whole lot of things started to make sense.  I realised that most of the successful people I had met all had one thing in common..they never brooded over their failures and were always thinking positively about the future. Infact their failures were not failures..but lessons to achieve the goals they had set for themselves.

It made me realise  that there are only two types of people in this world.. one who  gets  affected by reality..and the other who affects reality instead....


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Shekhar Kapur Blog states that ' I exist because you imagine I do". The guy knows that the reality is a dream. 

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  1. Makes sense.. though most people in today's world think negative most of the time.!nice!!