Sunday, November 7, 2010

XIII- The Lost mode of Prayer

"  Pray to God and trust in him to provide your every need ".
                                                                                                          -   An old Hindu saying

" The power of prayer should not be under estimated"
                                                                                                -    Bible ( James 5: 16-18 )

" Whatever you ask for in prayer, 
believe that you have received it and it will be yours"

- Bible ( Mark 11:24 )

It was eerily quiet. I had just entered through the door and  into a staircase. The staircase was leading into the basement of the Apollo hospital's cancer department.  A friend was suspected of having the disease. As  I was about to enter into the waiting area, a huge notice on the notice board caught my eye...the title of the notice  said..  " PRAYER WORKS ".  The notice went on to state that as per the latest scientific study, prayer has healing power and the doctors have noted an appreciable improvement in the symptoms of cancer patients. 

Reading the article and that too being put by doctors, for the first time  made me inquisitive about the  power of prayer. Does prayer really have the power to cure and heal our bodies?  How does it work and why?

Doctors know that the sub conscious mind controls the body in  miraculous ways. If the patient expects improvement and has full belief in a medicine ( even if it is fake medicine ) the sub-conscious mind, through the brain, can produce actual substances \ pain killers to heal the body. They have scientifically called it The Placebo Effect.

Infact, it is now standard practice all over the world to test the effectiveness of new and experimental medicines against fake medicines. Neither the doctor nor the patient knows which is the actual or the fake medicines during the experimental trials. Only if the new medicines are more effective than the fake medicines, it is given permission to sell into the market.

Researching further , I came across a case of a miracle man  ( Morris Goodman ). He crashed his plane, and was paralyzed from neck down. He could not even breathe on his own. Doctors had given up on him. However he visualized walking out on his own by christmas. And  he did!!!..He summed up his life  beautifully - man becomes what he thinks about!.( check the video below ). I couldn't help but think that this was the placebo effect in overdrive!!

The case of the miracle man definitely proved that the conscious mind can tweak and nudge  the sub-conscious mind but the next question was whether the conscious mind can tweak and nudge the super-conscious mind .. the creator of the universe. ( the world being a previous posts )

Turns out.. it can. I came across  Gregg Braden.  In one of the videos,  he describes his meeting with a native american friend. It had not rained  in some area for a long time. On his request, his friend sat down and prayed for hardly two minutes. In the next 2-3 days, it rained very heavily in the area. Astonished, Gregg asked his friend what and how did he pray? His friend stated that he did not wish for rain as that would mean you are acknowledging that there is no rain. Instead, he visualized that he is standing in a mud puddle and puddle is deep and that his legs were all wet. He further stated that by praying, he was trying to feel how it feels like as if the rain has already happened.

Pleasantly surprised, I was trying to find the science and logic behind it. I soon realized that people whose meditations are deep and peaceful, are able to tweak and nudge the super-conscious mind with their visualization. Some realize it and others do not. Ofcourse, you have to have control of your mind first before you try to influence the super-conscious mind.

Infact, in one of the interviews,  Sachin Tendulkar ( a master batsman )  stated that whenever he goes out to bat, he visualizes that he has made a century and that people are giving him a standing ovation on his way back. ( it came in some newspaper..about 3-4 years back).

Praying  in a quiet and calm state
It began to dawn on me that maybe we have all been misled about what prayer actually is? Maybe it is not about begging to god at all as the priest \ pujaris have led us to believe? Think about it.. by making the ordinary people believe that they have to beg to god, and that god is separate from them, most of the priests have rose to positions of power and have secured their livelihood.  Ofcourse, a true priest imparts you the truth about god and acts a guide so that you ultimately know the truth. They were rightly called Gurus in Ancient India.

Hmmm...i realize now that prayer is not about begging at all but about creating your own reality  from a calm and a peaceful mind.


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