Friday, June 7, 2013

22 - Teachings from a Sick Cow

" Animals are more intelligent than most humans.
 They rely on their instincts and 
      know how to live with Nature "

The cow became sick after eating
cooked food of the humans.
" Please do not feed the cow. She is sick from eating all the cooked food and has to be fed grass only". Whaat...I looked at the cow owner in disbelief? I had gone to the cow shelter to feed the cow home cooked food as part of an  ancient religious practice ( Shraad ) and I least expected to hear this from the cow owner. I kept the food near the cow..she smelled it and then ignored the food if it was of low quality. " Comeon, we eat this food..!!! " i wanted to say it to the cow, but refrained as better sense prevailed upon me...:)

The above incident intrigued me so much that I started to concentrate on what i was eating.  Its quite funny actually when one realises what we do to our food.... We first burn our food at high temperatures which destroys most vitamins and all enzymes in it. This ofcourse also makes  the food largely tasteless  until we put salt, sugar and other spices etc to give it enough flavour for us to eat it.  Thankfully, our bodies, in the early years of life have the capacity to manufacture the enzymes needed for digesting this food properly. Its takes huge energy and that is why we sometimes feel sleepy after having lot of cooked food.  This capacity to digest this  food begins to decline as we age and that is why we begin to have problems like diabetes, weight gain etc. It began to dawn on me that we are the only species on this earth who cook (burn) their food before eating and generally avoid food in its raw natural form.

Before raw foods
 Cecelia of
Fortunately, once people change their diets back to raw food, that the body begins to miraculously transform itself. The first effects are mental ofcourse. One begins to feel happy, mentally alert, tremendous creativity etc. Once these are achieved, which are fairly quick, then the physical body starts to change slowly. I found this to be case after reading lot of experiences of people on the net. Infact i was surprised as how many people have transformed themselves on raw food. 

After raw food.
Cecilia of

I also came to know that our staple cereal wheat, when it is cooked, changes its molecular structure and behaves like an opiate..meaning it gives us pleasure and as a result, our body demands more and more of it as if you are addicted to it. Infact one of the foremost doctor have gone on record to state that modern wheat is a chronic poison. ( link below )

After researching on net and getting amazed, i began to change my diet and started incorporating more raw foods. I can myself vouch for the amazing increases in creativity and stamina. Infact, i found the inspiration to start this entire blog  after i changed my diet. I also lost a lot of weight without any exercise. My sleep became more deeper and better. As of today, i am 50% raw but plan to increase it further in future

Unlike animals, we humans have forgotten our instincts in respect of eating the right foods. Maybe..its time we learnt it back from the animals...i did..:)

Links and Evidences

1.  The experience of Cecilia- must read.
2.  Modern wheat is a chronic poison as per Dr. William Davis, Author "Wheat Belly"
3.   Search "Raw food before and after"  Google images. You will be shocked
4.  Search Google for raw food experiences.


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